Meet Tap Studio

Passionate about web technologies and making all things interactive, we are a team of forward thinking, mobile first experts willing to go the extra mile with every project we dive into.

The Team

Christopher Burns
Managing Director
Will De Ath
Operations Director


Ruddocks provide the highest quality print services in parntership to us. Supplying their large client base, both national and international, they are able to help TapStudio produce high quality print media with embedded contactless technology to make them interactable.

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Our partner SOKA Studio, specialise in creating the beautiful user interface and graphical designs found in our mobile experiences. From integrating existing brands into our experiences to creating new content and designs for brands who need that little something more.

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Commuter Films are our partner who specialise in creating video and 3D graphics based content for our mobile experiences. They create the compelling content for the richest mobile experiences.

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