10x10 Business Accelerator

21 February

10x10 is Lincolnshire's first privately funded business accelerator programme for 10 companies over an intense 10 weeks of workshops and development support. Going through this programme is one way which represents our constant pursuit to be experts in our field.

Back in late 2018, our team at TapKit applied for selection to be in the programme and managed to work our way to be in the top 10 companies to get through. The workshops started in mid-January where they are then running for 10 weeks with a showcase pitch in front of many investors at the end of the programme for the chance to win an equity free cash prize. The programme is primarily built around business development, training and support with various workshop topics spread throughout the programme each week. From Partnerships, Marketing, Profiling Customers and many more, the TapKit team have benefited greatly so far from the intense development in very key areas of business growth.

Along with the workshops comes access to mentorship, with each company being assigned 2 mentors to provide expert advice to the companies across practically any area of a business's needs. Our mentors, in particular, have been focusing on our marketing, business communication and general business model strategy within our one-to-one support sessions outside of the general workshop times.

Networking plays a key role in 10x10's ethos as there are a variety of businesses in various stages with a diverse range of mentors and speakers to make sure that no areas of business growth are untouched. There are plenty of chances to network with other companies directors and their teams which proves ripe for great opportunities to collaborate and share ideas, lessons and contacts.

At TapKit, we are already seeing the benefits of the programme within our ability to easily execute the knowledge we have learnt so far in the programme. It has been hugely beneficial for us to have applied to such a programme and it is very good to see a privately funded and focused course able to show such value where publicly funded programmes and support can sometimes lack in such areas.

Visit the 10x10 website here