Ingredients for Stunning Mobile Experiences

4 March

The question of how a mobile experience is accessed should be at the start of the user experience. It is the first impression that the user interacts with and it generally determines if a user wants to interact with what is in front of them. There's no point creating a wonderful mobile experience if the way that it is accessed is unattractive or generic. It needs to stand out and ultimately be unique.

At Tap Studio, we have created a completely unique way of accessing mobile experiences, through contactless technology points on products. It gives the end-users a 'wow' moment and the experience already begins before they have even opened it with their smartphone. The contactless technology in itself, NFC, isn't actually that new, but its the way that we've used it to allow users to have a fluent access point, from a physical product, to receive your mobile experience in the most attractive and fun ways possible. The contactless technology is able to be accessed by most smartphones by default creating a frictionless experience to obtaining your mobile experience. The interactivity should start at the first point of contact with a user.

Now, onto the actual mobile experience itself. Interactivity should play a large part in how a user navigates your experiences. Interactivity can come in many forms, but it is fundamentally a unique way of displaying content that should increase user engagement for a given objective, in this case, mobile marketing of your product or brand.

The ways we implement interactivity into Tap Studio's mobile experiences is with a mixture of apps, games, videos, animations, graphics, and AR. All of these techniques bring together elements of interactivity into an experience. It can be the simple taps and swipes, the interaction, which a user performs with an experience with these elements that produce the real engagement of your story or other content that keeps them entertained, captivated and engrossed in your brand or product. The interactivity is the objective of the engagement of the user. It's about standing out and letting customers know you have something unique, different, and that you offer only the best.

Mobile optimised technology

Having a stunning mobile experience without the technical means to run it optimally is an obvious problem. Having mobile optimised technology running your mobile experiences is a must, but they need to be the right technologies to execute the mobile experience successfully with no hiccups or technical problems. Having mobile optimised technologies running your experience means a lot more than just running on every device.

At Tap Studio, we use some incredible and cutting edge web-based technologies to make our experiences as interactable and just like some of the greatest fully functionally apps on the mobile app stores today. Our experiences are accessed through the user's mobile browser app so there is no need to download an app. So, if we have the greatest means of the functionality of a normal app, but run on a mobile browser, how do we do it? Well, through a web-based technology framework encapsulated under the name of Progressive Web Apps.

Progressive Web Apps are a way to offer users the, almost complete mobile app experience which is highly optimised, reliable, but accessed through the web. It allows us to build brands interactive mobile experiences which have incredibly fast content delivery, deep interactivity, and always up to date content which is completely accessible to every smartphone user on the web.

The unique ways of using these capabilities of web-based technologies in this fashion may seem impossible or magical to some software developers and the rest of us alike. The way we use these web-based technologies to create a completely unique experience allows us to offer even more to brands and users alike. As this technology is very new, brands have not been able to harness the abilities which come with it. In order to have a great interactive mobile experience, no longer do you need to download an app.

The technologies we use to build our interactive mobile experiences with the combination of the completely unique way of using contactless technology on physical products allows us to offer one the greatest and unique mobile experiences possible. Along with this comes the ability to track an incredible amount of completely unique data. Tracking real world objects digitally, in the way we create digitally accessed products with contactless technology, allows us to gain data in ways that current analytical platforms cannot do. From tracking customer interactions of physical products during and after purchase, tracking data from the individual life cycle of a single product, to how much influence your experience has on a customer, Tap Studio is able to track it.

Value to the customer

With interactive mobile experiences, if there is no value to the customer, they aren't really experiences, even if they are very interactive. Compelling and engaging content should be at the heart of where your experience starts. Your brand and products should be encapsulated into content which is rich and dynamic and tells a story of why you mean so much. This content then needs to mold around value to the customer to create an incredible experience which is ultimately very useful to the end user.

The value of your experience should be measured by how much the customer is getting out of it, as they will find great value in your experiences if they deliver something useful to them, whether it is something as simple as tutorials, ways to make the purchase of your products easier, or allowing ease the ease of discovery of your products or details about your brand in which they are looking for.

When implementing a mobile marketing campaign with interactive mobile experiences, customers time with the experience should need to be considered. The specific amount of time shouldn't be the only thing that is measured as you want your customer to spend valuable time with your brand that both benefits them and your brand by customer engagements leading to customer loyalty.

In the end, a customer will only stay on your mobile experience if they are getting good use out of their time in it. This could be measured in the number of interactions per user, time engaged in specific areas, or sales and redirect conversions, either way, your customer will be a lot more loyal and likely to stick with your brand if you manage to get them to successful funnel through these points and into a captivated long term customer. It is surprising though, that generally, the simplest experiences are often the most valuable to your customer, so, deliver a mobile experience which focuses on just fulfilling a few points of value really really well and you will see results align solidly with your objectives.