Our Aim and Values

14 February

Here at TapKit, our aim is to make our technology a completely unique and revolutionary way to connect to customers through your products. To achieve this we put what we value first so you, as a business, can seamlessly have everything you need to engage with your customers with our platform in a short time.

Our Service

We believe that the future of marketing physical products is with powerful in-person mobile experiences accessed through interactions with a brand or their products in real life.

Through our platform our team will be there to help build your experience with you from start to finish. Whether you need a full service to create your experience or just need need assistance from our expertise, we'll help you with strategy, design and development, and the roll out of your experience to your products.

Mobile first marketing

TapKit’s technology has a keen focus for mobile first customers with a demand for fast and efficient content delivery and the experiences we create are optimised for just that.

We support a vast array of mobile first experiences for many objectives in digital and mobile first marketing. Here are a few of the different types of experiences we can support you with:

  • Interactive experiences allow users to tap, swipe and play with your product or brand digitally from contactlessly tapping their phone on your product. From gin cocktail makers to digital coffee roaster experiences, interactive experiences increase your consumer brand engagement, creates a greater memorability with your products, and enhances the overall value of your brand.

  • Purchase experiences gives your customers an easy root to purchase products directly from an experience when they are in the buying mode just from tapping their phone with contactless tech to get access. From subscription boxes and repeat purchases, to donations and ecommerce, purchase experiences can give consumers relevant products to buy based upon their current customer journey and when they are in the buying mode.

  • Brand experiences provide your customers with a compelling story around your product, your brand, and how it all started just from tapping their phone with contactless tech to gain access. From mobile optimised story telling to fast and relevant media delivery, brand experiences increase your long term customer loyalty and gives new customers creative ways to learn all about your brand in concise and relevant stories.

Everything you need, under one roof

We pride ourselves in allowing contactless technology to be as accessible as possible for use as a unique mobile-first marketing tool for various brands. TapKit has all the tools a business would need all under one roof in order to get started. You don’t need to know how the technology works at its core, where to source or how to encode contactless tags, or how to build the software you need to run your contactless experience from scratch, everything is available at hand through our platform.

For a long time, contactless technology for use as a powerful marketing tool has needed vast technical knowledge, equipment and sophisticated software to even get started. We value that most businesses today don’t have the time or energy to make everything from scratch, as without TapKit, there are so many barriers in the way of making a successful contactless marketing campaign for your products. From the contactless tags themselves, the sophisticated backend software, to the management of your content, and the data that is retrieved from our platform, everything you need is under one roof at TapKit.

We’re open and we’re listening to what you say

At TapKit, we are still a young company, but we have committed ourselves to be incredibly open to all our customers and we have put the right channels in place so you can speak to us at any time of day to get your questions answered.

Being a young company, we are still learning what all of our customers want and how they want it, but we are constantly developing ourselves within the team, going through business accelerators, and successfully finding the industry experts to give you the service and the platform needed to allow you to connect to your customers in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

We’re committed to serve our customers to the best of our abilities. We’re not a faceless piece of software behind a boring and complicated dashboard, we’re real people who are here to help and are constantly listening to your feedback and comments, whatever they are.