Our solutions are secure by design

31 January

As a developer studio, we pride ourself in making sure that we are always trained up on the latest standards and procedures in your relevant industry. With that, we always look to back our security claims with our accreditations such as our Cyber Essentials certificate and our technology compliances with the use of up to date technologies within our projects such as the recent SCA regulation with the payments some of projects function with.

You may look for a new way to make what you do better, more efficient and provide more worth to your customers, but then find that as soon as you talk to your team, your preferred web agency or even a software developer, your Data Protection Officer gets worried or GDPR and security gets in the way. This is why we have already looked forward with what accreditations to have in place and what technologies best suit security so we can put our client's worries at ease in this area with what we work on.

Our team has always made a clear path on how Cyber Security works and how it can affect data, businesses and their products. When we build our variety of solutions for our clients, we make sure that we find the best third party technologies to add the functionality that make sure that your solution does the very best that it can be without you having to worry about secure user logins, GDPR or data handling for example.

We are always on the lookout for how we can be more secure for our clients and their projects and are active members of security and developer communities to keep up to date with the latest technologies and security practises out there.

If you feel you would benefit from working with a development studio who take security seriously for your web, app and interactive experience projects, come chat with us or arrange a meeting;