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300 interactions with TapKit's proof of concept at the county's largest B2B event

Dean Graham, the founder of the CityX, has a passion for bringing innovative ideas and technology into his company and surrounding events.

The Idea

Dean and the team at CityX first approached us to exploit the opportunity to bring a fresh sense of technology to the county’s largest business to business exhibition, Lincs Business Expo. CityX immediately saw the potential of our technology and rapidly sort to make the potential a reality. Knowing how keen CityX were to make this a reality, the team at TapKit quickly responded to their request and started our client process with them straight away.

Initially, the client process was to generate ideas and concepts on what CityX's problems were with their current events. The TapKit team found that they needed to have a better digital experience for the attendees at the event and found two key problems. The first problem was a lack of digital connection between an exhibitor and an attendee. The second being a better registration experience for the attendees.

Knowing these problems, both parties came up with multiple ideas to address them but came down to one simple solution with TapKit's technology. The solution was to create a fast track entry system for a faster and better registration experience. The same solution would also be used with the exhibitors to digitally connect attendees directly to their company. A project specification was then made with the idea to encapsulate the mobile experience into TapKit's exciting app, Tap Explorer.

Development and Creation

TapKit then went away with their approved project specification and began to build CityX's experience. After a few weeks liaising back to CityX throughout the creation process to keep them in the constant loop, we then finished CityX's Fast Track Entry Experience ready for the event held in mid-January 2019. TapKit managed the whole process from mobile software development and brand implementation, to obtaining the correct hardware for each smart point, leaving CityX to do what they are best at.

The Experience In Use

After various testing of the experience and publishing articles with CityX about their new upcoming mobile experience for the event, the day of the Lincs Business Expo came. The team from TapKit were there to help out to make sure the mobile experience ran as smoothly as possible for all the attendees. Attendees with the app ended up having a fantastically smooth entry experience into the event, just by tapping their phone on the smart point upon entry to be completely registered for the day.

The experience for the day was even more enhanced for these attendees as they were able to tap smart points on each of the exhibitors stands to have direct digital access to that company and have their information stored for later reference within the app.

For some of these exhibitors, TapKit even went the extra mile and provided smart points which allowed attendees to tap and share their details with exhibitors without even typing any extra information or passing over a business card.


Here's what Dean had to say about the service we provided CityX:

"CityX has always tried to push the boundaries of what should be expected and that has allowed rapid growth of our business events.  Where possible we aim to utilise technology to improve the experience or efficiency of attending one of our events.

When I heard of TapKit I immediately saw an opportunity to integrate their functionality into the registration process for our largest B2B expo; putting more information at the finger tips of our delegates and helping to capture even more valuable data and metrics.

From initial concept through to the implementation it was a pleasure to work with TapKit who completely understood the brief and exceeded our expectations by personalising tap points for each and every one of our exhibitors.

It created a great talking point and shows the future of how digital technology is crossing over with in person communication."

Dean Graham, CityX Founder


We gained a lot of different results and data for CityX, the exhibitors, and even ourselves. CityX gave the event's attendees a completely new and unseen type of entry to enhance their overall experience for the day. It portrayed that CityX is always at the forefront of using the newest types of technology to give an experience unlike any other event around. CityX then gained many valuable data from the attendees with GDPR compliancy all handled by the team at TapKit.

For the exhibitors, it allowed the attendees to get direct digital access to that company and have business details shared seamlessly between the exhibitor and attendee in a way that surprised all that used it.

At TapKit we learned a lot about how users interact and respond with our technology. Knowing this we then quickly optimised our technology and user experience to fit this feedback. For a new proof of concept of Tapkit's technology offering, we managed to obtain 300 interactions from the Fast Track Entry experience and more multiples of interactions throughout the exhibitor's smart points.

From this event and the knowledge we gained, we are now offering different multiple solutions for our technology with the sole purpose of keeping brands at the centre of attention, whilst keeping them connected with customers in the long term, and providing a whole host of new data points to harness.

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