The Lincoln Distillery

First interactive gin bottle of its kind

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The Lincoln Distillery

Small batch gin, distilled and bottled right in the heart of Lincoln since 2017

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Bringing a new gin to market, The Lincoln Distillery, the distillers of Lincoln Gin needed a completely unique way to help their gin stand out.


The Lincoln Distillery, founded in 2017 in the heart of Lincoln by Mathew and Jenny Felgate, creates a unique small-batch gin with its botanicals routed from the City of Lincoln's deep cultural history. Like any new brand, you are always on the battle to stand out, get heard and connect with your valuable initial customers throughout your first years, and being a new gin distiller to the market is no different.

Lincoln Gin approached TapKit with the idea of marketing their gin, with a difference. Something was needed to say to the gin drinker that this gin is different and holds that little bit more value.

The Idea

When we started working with The Lincoln Distillery we quickly understood their direction and where they would like to be within the year. In order to achieve the brand's ambitious goals, we knew that we needed to convert Lincoln Gin into a gin experience, unlike anything before. After some meetings with the Lincoln Distillery team, we came to the conclusion to create an interactive cocktail recipe experience.

The idea is that any gin drinker can tap a smart point with their phone on a bottle of Lincoln Gin at home or with their friends and learn how to make Lincoln Gin's very own take on a variety of cocktail recipes to really bring a lot more value from the bottle itself directly into the hands of the gin drinker for a really unique interactive mobile experience.

Creation and Development

The team at TapKit managed all of Lincoln Gin's content and brand integration, the mobile experience development, handling the smart points, and would even help advise the Lincoln Distillery team on the roll out the new interactive gin bottle once it was created. The TapKit team managed to do all of this in good time for the shop orders to go out.

The Lincoln Distillery were informed of all major milestones and content created for the experience to make sure it was up to scratch for their brand. With the idea of the experience to be used at home or with friends, the team knew that the mobile experience had to be quick and to the point with the technology needing to be fast and responsive. This approach allowed the Lincoln Gin cocktail experience to become highly sharable and fast to access.

Tap | Mix | Drink

Upon completion of the interactive cocktail recipe experience for Lincoln Gin, TapKit immediately executed their plans for the roll out to the Lincoln Gin bottles to make sure they hit the shop orders in time.

Lincoln Gin's interactive bottle is now the first gin bottle of its kind on the shelves of many local retailers including the Co-op. With the initial rollout of the interactive bottle being a success with many of the brand's loyal drinkers, the local media picked up and the brand gained much attention from Lincoln and surrounding areas.

Lincoln Gin's mobile experience is now being experienced by gin drinkers simply by tapping their phones on the smart point on the bottle to get instant access to Lincoln Gin's cocktail recipes. Mathew has now named the cocktail recipe experience: Tap | Mix | Drink.


TapKit's mobile experience solution created a really unique way for a young brand to gain traction and stand out from the other gins. It provided that little bit more extra value to the gin drinker and created an experience for the brand.

TapKit managed to create an ordinary gin bottle into an interactive experience which bridged the physical and digital worlds like never seen before on a gin bottle from this scale. The experience has created a true conversation piece for gin drinkers during and after their purchase and has no problem in showing The Lincoln Distillery's brand worth whilst giving the gin drinker more valuable time with their brand.

The mobile experience has created many opportunities for social media post and PR by the brand itself, their customers and the local media. This has given the young brand a lot of different exposure in places where they might have not got it before.

Along with all these points, the brand has now seen some great marketing data retrieved from their interactive bottle and the mobile experience within it. This data would have been impossible to harness if it wasn't for TapKit's unique offering. As a flavour of the data found so far; as of the time of writing, the Lincoln Gin cocktail experience has seen that the average user session of the experience is 2:48 minutes and that 74% of users are returning. This shows that the Lincoln Gin drinker is retaining many numbers of their audience and is creating a long term digital relationship with their brand.

With the rollout of the interactive bottle being a success and the long term plans for The Lincoln Distillery brand continuing with TapKit's solution, Lincoln Gin gin will truly stand out for the time to come.

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