TapFit - Making the gym an accessible environment

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Lincoln College

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With the planned re-launch of Deans Sport and Leisure’s Gym, the centre felt they could increase the accessibility to new gym goers and enhance the quality experience within their gym. From a business side of view, increasing the comfort of people in the gym has a greater erffect on increasing their retention rates.

There’s nothing worse than making someone feel uncomfortable in a new environment such as a gym, and not being able to provide them with a compelling experience may also be quite off putting. With the aid of TapStudio and it’s technology offering, the team at Deans came up with a simple but effect idea to help this.


The idea was to simply teach their customers without the awkwardness of asking for help or showing that you're unable to use a piece of equipment after being told how to use it. The solution needed to be accessed in the plam of anyone's hands and visually show what to do.

With the brief made and the idea built, and Deans' TapStudio project now live, customers are able to learn how to use equipment by simply tapping or scanning their phones on ‘Tap Points’ found on each piece of equipment. Once they’ve tapped with their phone, simple videos with a teaching notes will instantly appear in their hand, without the need for any extra apps.


The results show constant daily usage across all equipment and shows that not everyone is expected to know how to use everything in the gym without some help here and there from an easy to access place. Having this project made for Deans' means they are able to provide anyone who needs a refresher or who is unsure of how a new piece of equipment, knows what they are doing in an incredibly accessible and friendly way.